Daily Readings
To know Him is to love Him.

Ever ask yourself how to get closer to God?
What is God's Will for me?
What is the next step on my faith journey?

If so, reading and studying Scripture is an age tested path to those answers. The earliest Christians knew the Old Testament and lived the New Testament. We have a record of that life of faith recorded as the New Testament. It is to our benefit to study His Word. After all its hard to love that which we know little about. Our knowledge can strengthen our faith.

Each day we will send you that day's scripture readings just like the early Church studied. They knew the Old Testament foreshadowed the New Testament so read them together. In addition to the scripture readings a brief meditation is included.

Stop there or continue learning about how we are called to live out our faith  daily in what we do each day. "An Article for Everyone" and "Teachings of the Church" will help keep you informed.

Examples of normal everyday people following Christ so closely they gave their lives to God is highlighed in "Saints".

Finally a opportunity to pray for those in need that you can interceed for is in "Prayers".
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