Christ Renews His Parish retreat

"Christ Renews His Parish" is an effective spiritual renewal process which calls together the members of the parish - priests, religious, laity - in order to experience personal conversion and Christian community in the environment of their own parish. It is the simplicity of the process, beginning with the "renewal weekend," which invokes personal rebirth in Christ and parish revitalization. Christ Renews His Parish allows one to experience "church" - to experience "being church" - and to experience"being church for others."

St Peter's parish hosts four renewal weekends per year, two in the spring (one men's and one women's) and two in the fall (one men's and one women's).  To find the next weekend click on the Registration page and select a weekend from the pull down list. As part of the process, teams are comprised of St Peter's parishioners who serve as presenters and facilitators of the renewal weekend. Many say that serving as part of the formation team is where true renewal takes place; in giving the gift to others.
Please accept this invitation to experience the renewal process by attending the Christ Renews His Parish renewal retreat here at our parish. A brochure is available in the parish office and gathering space.

"Just so your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father."            Matthew 5:16

Christ Renews His Parish is a program designed to bring parish members together in Christ and emphasizes your continued growth in Catholic Christian life. It initiates this through small group participation. During a retreat weekend held at the parish, you will have the opportunity to make new friendships with other members of the parish Community.  Please see the Christ Renews His Parish Home Page (Click "Registration" on the left side) for current Retreat Weekends. Fellow parishioners will conduct the weekend but Father Steve Cook is our Spiritual Director.